Friday, 20 December 2013

Asian Inspiration

You can help to create a serene Asian inspired home using key decor details.
Taking some influence from Japanese culture below is a futon style cushion making a relaxing spot in front of an over-sized window. The simple design of the room and it's connection with nature makes it very relaxing and the Asian influence is profound. I also like the courtyard style garden which is very reminiscent of traditional Japanese home

Asian design often has lots of natural elements so adding bamboo, wood and simple flowers could give your home an Asian inspired feeling.
The bamboo chairs below are beautiful and simple and would be perfect to add a Japanese touch.

Fabrics in small area can be used to add some focus and bold touches. This would create more of an eclectic feel.

You'd have to be wary using fabrics as the combinations of colours can be very unbalanced and to create an eclectic look you'd have to make sure you have a similar colour pallet running throughout different patterns and textures. 

My favourite Asian interiors are from Japan. I love the minimalist feel and simple colours they use. Implementing this type of design in one area or room in a home could provide some escape and would be a perfect place to run away to when the world gets a bit hectic.
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