Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bold Bed-Sheets

Making a statement with bed linen can be a good way to add some focus to a room lacking in design.

The image below shows a very bold and colourful room which has mismatching bedding, but it creates a feeling of comfort in such a small space. Mixing contrasting colours and pairing bold and soft patterns together can add depth to the design, and make it feel very eclectic.

In the image, I like how instead of nightstands shelves are used. This frees up the limited floor space around the bed and makes more of a statement as the bed is the sole piece of furniture. 

The sheets below are paired with a neutral wall colour which goes perfectly with the sheets and the small pop pink from the cherry blossom brings out the orange and red in the beautiful paisley design. 

You could incorporate this style by finding patterned bed sheet you love and then picking either a neutral tone from the sheets or one that goes to add the walls and keeping furniture simple whilst adding occasionally bold items of decor from any bold colours within the sheets. 

The cherry blossom branch could be made using an old/vintage wine bottle and hot gluing faux cherry blossom flowers onto a branch. That way it would last all year. 

Thank you for reading.

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