Monday, 2 December 2013

DIY: Herringbone Inspired Brush Holder

If you have an old tumblr or candle jar you can easily make it into a pretty brush holder, or whatever you want. I like how the design looks quite sketchy and if I did it again I would either space out the lines more horizontally or make them close together so they almost touch.
To do this yourself you will need: some nail varnish, a cocktail stick, an erasable whiteboard pen, ruler and the jar.

1. I first removed the wax and cleaned the jar. 

Here is a link on snap guide on how you can do it:

2. Draw vertical lines using an erasable whiteboard pen to use as a guide. When drawing the guide lines make sure there are an even number of sections otherwise the design will not flow.
3. Then use the cocktail stick to draw the design on with the nail polish. I just dipped the stick into the pot. 

4. Once you're done leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes, carefully wipe off the marker and then fill with rice or filler beads. Then you're done and you can add all your brushes.

Thank You

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