Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Industrial Home Inspiration

Nobody wants to live in a warehouse, but elements of industrial design can bring structure and texture to a space. You could incorporate polished concrete floors during the construction of a house or is wanting to add to your home, steel furniture and lights can bring urban touches to your home.
This pictures above are from this site here. And it contains many more pictures. You can get industrial looking desk lamps and light shades above from places such as Ikea. The enameled ones can add a splash of colour to a more neutral room and stop a room from looking sterile. Industrial doors would be perfect in a home office to store supplies or if big enough in a hallway to store shoes and gloves etc.

I love chairs like the ones below, you can buy items such as them old or new. You could maybe add seat cushions or mix textiles with the metal to make it more comfortable feeling.
Don't forget to mix your design up with some natural elements such as wood everything more earthy and comfy. I love this sort of design and it could be in small spaces as many industrial objects are made for storage. Storage is of course essential in any small space to stop a room from looking cluttered. 
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