Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sticky Back Plastic

Sticky back plastic can be used to add some interest to otherwise boring furniture. It can be added to the tops or sides of tables and drawers and is quite hard-wearing due to the fact it's made from plastic. The chevron pattern is very popular at the moment and can be seen in lots of furnishings and home decor. Below are panels decorated using sticky back plastic as well as an entire wall.

I got both of these from a site with lots of inspiration for using sticky back plastic. Below, I also found on 'imamomnotaprofessional' a piece of cherry blossom artwork made using contact paper. I love cherry blossoms and you could easily add some fake flowers to this for some pops of colour. In the past, I have used sticky back plastic to stencil t-shirts, it's great to use because the paint rarely seeps underneath. That meant the designs came out with strong bold lines.

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